Classic Goes Jazz

Classic Goes Jazz


What happens when you connect the world of classical music with the unchained improvisation of jazz? A very intriguing fusion of two seemingly different genres in a completely unique musical form.

In 2001, this idea became reality. The band Classic Goes Jazz offered an exceptional blend of classical music and magic of jazz at musical festivals, clubs, stages and performances in the Czech republic and other countries of the world as well.

Classic Goes Jazz enriched the traditional arrangements of classic composers with a new dimension, which thanks a new form and style, gained respect of wide general public and the experts and critics of the music industry, too. A new genre was born.


A dialogue is a natural tool of life. Two different subjects communicate with each other and exist in a perfect harmony. For example, a dialogue between a man and a woman, black and white or ying and yang. A dialogue is simply magical in any form.

In 2009, Pavla Schönová together with Emil Viklický came up with another very interesting idea in form of Jazz Dialogues. A piano duo was born and began to perform in the Czech republic and other countries and very soon earned attention of a wide body of spectators. Their common dedication was translated into a record Classic Goes Jazz – Jazz Dialogues, which introduces both – a connection between classical music and jazz with the jazz dialogues. It could be said, that the circle of connection between classic music and jazz had been completed. Fortunately, the world of music offers much more, there are still new forms to be found, new arrangements to be played.